List of HK members and admins

All [HK] members are in charge of their own biographies.

Senior Admins:
Tuck - Founder
Killm3 - Ban Master/Rules
Kick My Butt - Council Liaison
SpikerNoob - Website/Admin Enforcement
Sharp - TWL/Scrims/Match Server & Website
Cloud - Council liasion/Junior hk oversight/Community events
Mrs Tuck - Founders Brains

Admins from here on may be listed multiple times due to multiple held positions.

HK Council:
TheBob - Event Coordinator
Brian Viper - Council Vice President/Admin Orientation
Dago - HLSW Monitor/Recruitment
Eri - Member Hours
Hippie - HK Comp Teams
Jen - Council President
Meccanica - Secretary

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