Preferred Classes

  1. Screaming shouting british swearing Medic(no i did not copy that from Meg >.>)
  2. Engineer
  3. Sniper
  4. Heavy
  5. Scout
  6. Pyro
  7. Soldier
  8. Demoman
  9. Spy

Member Bio

Joined Clan: July 6, 2008

Oh hey my old wiki page…that means….UPDATE TIEMZ :D

Often moans about everything ingame which includes updates, support classes, idiots or people who act stupid. Often leads to rage quitting and other symptoms of moaning in the community chat.

Im also the queen of lag sniping. Headshotting people with 150+ ping :D

Im also mistaken for being a 5 year old boy as well as having an accent of an Austrailian(maybe thats why i snipe so much), French and South Africa despice being from ENGLAND.

Im also a metal slug fan!

Might as well point out that i do draw steam avatars for people. I open requests during the summer or times when im off college. If you are intrested in one, get in contact with me.


She's a good medic, if you can convince her to actually come play, and then to actually play medic. Also, everyone in the game of TF2 has a "Holy **** Searchie/Eri is a girl!?!?" moment.

Eri is Hippie's bestest friend ever.

Eri never seems to want to show anyone a picture. An anonymous HK member characterized by long hair, late nights, and supreme laziness has acquired a shocking piece of information that explains this all: Eri is secretly a ninja.

Apparently she can ninja-edit out the most important piece of information ever revealed by our anonymous source. Run! Run for your lives! She's coming for you! Thats Thunda's job. Get it right gawd ~Eri

Quite possibly a secret dark side sniper.

She's building up a secret stash of tea and crumpets in preparation for the most secret of British assaults. More information will be revealed as it is discovered.

Still waiting for that damn game :(

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