Preferred Classes

  1. Pyro
  2. Medic
  3. Demoman
  4. Soldier
  5. Heavy
  6. Engineer
  7. Scout
  8. Sniper
  9. Spy

Member Bio

Joined Clan: July 3, 2008
Wiki Administrator

n.: As in Medical Meccanica

I can tend towards the obsessive at times, it's true. I've taken on this wiki thing, which maybe says something about me.
I'm a big anime geek, but the relatively cool kind: I don't get all crazy defensive, I don't act like a 12 year old girl1, I don't use the same damn 3 Japanese words over and over again in public places, etc..
I firmly believe in Sturgeon's Law2: 90% of everything is carp.

Possible Facts:

  • He smells kind of like cabbage. EDIT: He does, I've smelled him.
  • Obsessive nitpicker, in the worst a possible way.
  • 580048484_05ed521777.jpg?v=0
  • Has a tendency to inform his fellow teammates of incoming threats using non-absolute language: "Heavy/Medic coming in, to my left! Oh god, help, they're going to get me!"3
  • File Photo: 7d7e24fb307d051bba13f3be065269951f2.gif
  • Meccanica likes watching girls get their cars stuck. It really turns him on.

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