Preferred Classes

  1. Kritz Medic
  2. Über Medic
  3. LOL!Medic
  4. Pre-Raphaelite Period Medic
  5. Nepalese Shorthair Medic
  6. Medic Lite (No Sugar Added!)

Member Bio

Joined Clan: November 9, 2008


Meg is the author of many award-winning and bestselling books including Care and Feeding of Your Medic Buddy, The Complete N00b's Guide to Übers, and 101 Questions to Ask Your Medic.

"Ingenious, brilliant, and hilarious!" ~ Washington Post

"Will bring a tear to your eye and a smile to your face." ~ USA Today

"Who in the hell are you talking about?" ~ The New York Times

Appearance & Behavior:

Meg can be easily distinguished from other medic breeds by her short stature and tendency to activate übercharge or explode when excited or threatened.

Diet & Habitat:

Meg subsists entirely on sweet tea. She is found almost exclusively in humid sub-tropical climates but embarks on biennial migrations to colder climates during the winter, presumably due to holding her internal compass too close to her belt.


  • HI-yall-HI-yall-HI-yall
  • SCOOT-on-me-SCOOT-on-me-SCOOT-on-me-HELP
  • SPAH-behindya-SPAH-behindya
  • GOSH-DARN-pah-roes (Alt. GOSH-DARN-scoots)

  • she secretly hates playing medic [citation needed]
  • Meg also forgot to put FAIL-Solider on her list of most played classes.
  • The not so faithful wife of Loki Nightmares.
  • Her favorite target for Kritz love is P!gs, even though it only lasts about 10 seconds. They have a special chemistry that can't be broken.
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