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I have screens cp_science, cp_freight and dom_canalzone. If anyone has an end of round screenshot of ctf_convoy, please let me know.

Re: by Loki_nightmaresLoki_nightmares, 22 Sep 2008 22:30
MeccanicaMeccanica 21 Sep 2008 19:08
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And since when is 'ohcrap aaahh-aahhhhh-I'm-gonna-dieeeeee- dammit. Bye' non-absolute language? XD

by MeccanicaMeccanica, 21 Sep 2008 19:08

At least 3 or so. Those ones are staying until you do.

DominareDominare 21 Sep 2008 09:29
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You might just want to start collecting end-of-match screenshots of the scoreboards and post those. That's what I'm going to do for ctf night, although for somewhat different reasons :)

by DominareDominare, 21 Sep 2008 09:29

Pshh… keep takin' out the smiley dance.
Anyway, the class list needs to be in the 4th section, so I put the dividers back in.

You're boring, Cappie. by MeccanicaMeccanica, 19 Sep 2008 14:25
MeccanicaMeccanica 19 Sep 2008 06:20
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Since Lier has already made a valiant effort to match his page to my new format, I'm gonna start here and convert it over to the template-locked version. I mean… it's still nearly as much work, since I still have to redo half of it, but I appreciate the attempt. :D

by MeccanicaMeccanica, 19 Sep 2008 06:20
MeccanicaMeccanica 19 Sep 2008 05:41
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A guy nitpicks just a little bit, and suddenly he's called out for not being OCD enough. ò_ô

Sorry, I was only busy creating a fancy and hopefully-functional page template for all the member bios, and getting ready to manually edit every single one to fit it properly. :p

Jeez by MeccanicaMeccanica, 19 Sep 2008 05:41
MeccanicaMeccanica 19 Sep 2008 03:49
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I'll be experimenting with them, using myself as a guinea pig. Bwah.

Templates by MeccanicaMeccanica, 19 Sep 2008 03:49

I don't think it's really necessary. Thanks for makin' the page all …. pretty and informative and junk.

Re: Players? by MeccanicaMeccanica, 19 Sep 2008 02:57

Does anyone particularly want the list of players who played (roughly. I don't think I could remember everyone who went in and out, particularly in the first one) for the events? I'm leaving it for the moment since I think it would just add too much text to the page, but if someone thinks it would be helpful, I'll put up the lists.

Players? by Loki_nightmaresLoki_nightmares, 19 Sep 2008 00:25

made a constructive edit! Hurray for him!

Lier by MeccanicaMeccanica, 18 Sep 2008 22:00
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