The Demoman Guide

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I main the Demoman. I may not have the most hours on the forums, or be the most skilled Demoman here but nonetheless, I'll teach you a thing or two about playing the class. This guide is a bit un-organized, but the titles are bolded for your convenience

Q: What makes me a good Demoman?
A: Well if I was a bad Demoman, I wouldn't be sitting here discussing it with ya now would I?!?!

Demoman - Engie's Worst Nightmare

This is by far, the Demoman's best skill. An uber to take out sentries should always go to a Demoman, as they have 2 weapons that can easily take out sentries. But you don't need an uber to take them out. By launching stickies far and around a sentry, you can easily blow it up. There is absolutely nothing an engineer can do when there are 8 stickies around his precious sentry :twisted: An example of this can be on the last cap of the Gold Rush stage. Some people will place a sentry in the tiny room looking at the final payload stop. Any demoman can shoot Pipe Bombs or stickies through the window, detonate, and then goodbye sentry.

Demoman - Engie's Best Friend

A trick that I use when I see that a sentry has been sapped, and the engineer is running around trying to unsap the sentry, is place stickies around the sentry, and wait to see if it gets sapped again. The moment the sapper is placed, detonate, and the spy will be in pieces.

Scout - Your worst enemy

A good scout is hard to take down. Any scout could outrun pipe bombs and their detonation time, and if he is any good, can dodge the bombs easily. The best thing you can do when a scout is in your midst is anticipate him, and launch one in his direction. Stickies can be easier with scouts, because they have a wider blast range, and it can be easier to anticipate where there are going.

Scout - Your Tool

A humorous technique I've seen, but personally never used, is place some stickies along a blind spot whether it be a wall or a roof, and send the scout out. He should attempt to lure the unsuspecting victims around the corner, and them BOOM, the rest is history.

For the love of Team Fortress 2, placing stickies on the floor can work, but it's not always your best option. Walls and ceilings are much better placements for obvious reasons. The Sticky is by far the best secondary weapon, so you should use it wisely. Stickies don't even need to be your secondary, you can fight one on one with them if you feel more comfortable. Launching a volley of stickies at someones feet and detonating them works just as good as the Pipe Bomb Launcher, and is better to use when against groups of people. Be sure to know that stickies don't have to touch the ground to detonate. I've pissed off many people who were retreating with minimal health, only to be blown to bits by a mid-air sticky that I had launched. It's a great technique that works well.

Stickies don't have to kill
Stickies have another use than obliterating your opponents. It can seriously screw up an uber. I plant stickies near the gate on Dustbowl Part 1, not to kill anyone (although it can happen), but if a ubered pyro/heavy/soldier/whatever comes out that gate, I detonate, and send the medic, uberee, or both flying in a completely other direction. It is not also effective and can change the game, it's quite hilarious seeing a fat russian flying through the air like a trapeze artist.

No more damage for you!

A trick I use to prevent an uber from more damage is launching stickies at the feet of the uberee, and detonating them when the uber is finished. This works mostly with a heavy as he moves less. Just try not to be seen when doing this, as the heavy will get angry and may single you out to prevent you from blowing him up.

Harsh Landing
When a soldier rocket jumps in my direction, I place stickies where he is going to land while avoiding the rockets he may fire from above. When he lands in the circle of stickies, well, you know the drill

Vs. The Pyro
Many people say that the pyro is a Demoman's enemy. I scoff and say that the pyro is easy to take out, unless he gets a lucky crit, or comes from point blank from behind. If you rush around a corner, and a pyro is their to burn you, chances are he'll chase you. Plant a couple stickies along the walls or ground depending on your location, and detonate them at the right time. It works almost all the time. This technique doesn't always apply to pyros, it can work for any class really

Don't Stand Still

This one can apply to almost all classes, but for some reason I always see an abundance of demomen standing still while firing a barrage of stickies or pipe bombs. This is Sniper/Spy Bait, and a big no-no children.

Reload, Reload, Reload
This may be the Black Scottish Cyclops' downfall. Both of his guns have petty reloads. Before you rush into battle, always reload, It will work wonders. Too many times have I been able to kill someone, but could not because I needed to reload my stickies or pipe bomb launcher. It may take a couple of seconds to do so, but it's worth it. Also, always reload before an uber. Communicate with your medic. If you go into an uber with only 1 sticky ready, you may not get the sentry.

This technique I do purposely, or by accident, but either way it works. In closed areas or corners, fire a pipe bomb behind your opponent. Then hit him maybe once or twice. When he retreats, the pipe bomb you fired earlier will explode, and take him out. This one is harder to do on command because you must get the timing right, but I've done it on accident a bunch of times, and it's saved me.

Thats it. I've surely forgotten some things I want to say, or point out to you, if I remember, I'll edit it in. Any additions or comments are appreciated. And blow some stuff up.

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