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RoverJack’s Personal Guide To Playing The "Soldier" In Team Fortress 2.

The Soldier is a tough and strong assault class. Although slow and medium-armored, he is made to overcome almost any combat situation. Be it far or close range, open or close spaces, the Soldier always has a way out. The Soldier has 200 HP, holds a Rocket Launcher, a Shotgun, and a Shovel/Military Entrenchment Tool.

As a Soldier, you must either engage the enemy face to face or give support fire for your teammates. You do not have much speed so rely on your weapons. Dodge as much as you can to avoid getting hit by enemy rounds. While fire your weapons, keep on moving. Strafe, jumping and ducking helps a lot. Trick your enemy in firing at the wrong area with your movements. Also, rocket-jumping will give you an advantage of height and a greater range for a moment, so shoot as many rockets as you can in mid-air. Do not rocket-jump if you have 100 HP. It would be better if you find a good spot where you can pick up health kits after your rocket-jump move.

It is not as easy as you think. Always reload frequently when you have the chance and do not wait for your Rocket Launcher to run out of ammo. Seriously, the rocket reloads quite slowly. Take out your Shotgun when you can’t reload your Rocket Launcher at the time. Pump some rounds to your enemy if he is retreating, it is inaccuracy for far range attacks, but who knows, he might have a low health and your few scattered bullets may kill him. The Shovel is good for whacking Spies and when all hope is lost. Give your Shovel a chance and see what it can do! You are so lucky if you get a random critical hit at the last point.

Your Rocket Launcher does not have a good accuracy but it does do a lot of splash damage. Basically, you got to aim your rockets at the ground as close to your enemy’s feet. Do not aim at their body unless their extremely close to you but you would want to use your Shotgun for that instead. You’ll damage yourself if the rocket explodes too near to you; you do not want that, do you? For the Shotgun, just aim for the body, it is same thing for the Shovel.

In Melee Sudden Death, defense is the best thing for Soldiers to do. Hang back and wait for your enemies to arrive. Go forward, backwards, strafe right to left, left to right while having your crosshair over them. Watch your back though, Spies are sneaky little things. Protect the Engineer all at cost, your hopes of winning drops majorly if there are no dispensers. Die before the Engineer, that what I always say.

Against Other Classes

Scout – While going against the Scout, be sure to watch out for his quick moves, he jumps over there where you think he would be but he double jumps to another place so think well before you shoot. If the Scout is stupid enough to run around near you and not dodge, launch a rocket, or else take out the Shotgun. It requires a minimum of 2 rockets to kill a Scout.

Soldier – He may use the same tactics as you are. Keep moving and shooting. It’s hard to kill another fellow Soldier unless it’s a face to face combat. Critical rockets would be nice. It requires a minimum of 3-4 rockets to kill a Soldier.

Pyro – These guys are pretty easy to handle if they do not fry you up. Wait for them to charge at you, and then shoot at the ground below them. The Pyro might fly up so wait for them to come down and then blast them again! You may not survive one if he ambushes you but you could at least bring him down with you. The flames will continue burning after you turn him to gibs. Quickly get a Medic to heal you or run to a health pack. It requires a minimum of 2-3 rockets to kill a Pyro.

Demoman – Look out for their flying pipe grenades, they explode on impact with your body and it does a pretty good amount of damage. Critical grenades and stickies are your worst nightmare. Same thing, hit them like for the Pyros. Rocket-jumping becomes a good thing now; heights are Demoman’s weakness because of their nades going with gravity. Launch those rockets from mid-air and see how he likes them! It requires a minimum of 2-3 rockets to kill a Demoman.

Heavy – Tough and big guys do not scare you. If they have not revved up their miniguns, you have a chance to hit him. Shoot and back up from a Heavy as he begins to pound you with his bullets. But remember, you’re no match for him when you’re close. It requires a minimum of 4-6 rockets to kill a Heavy.

Engineer – Easy to kill but not when they are standing behind or next to their sentry guns. When taking down sentries, try doing some damage to the Engineer behind it by shooting at the sentry’s side. Once he dies, it will be easier to blow up his sentry gun. It requires a minimum of 2 rockets to kill an Engineer.

Medic – An extremely vulnerable class to kill. Their syringe guns are no match for you, just avoid them by dodging. And launch a rocket to them if they try bonesawing you. It would be sad to get critical hit by a Medic. It requires 2-3 rockets to kill a Medic.

Sniper – These guys can’t see anything around them while in zoom. Shovel them for humiliation or just plainly rocket them. You’re no match for them while in far range; you can try shooting rockets into their windows or holes to damage them a little. It requires 2 rockets to a kill a Sniper.

Spy – They are sneaky but also very vulnerable. Spies will give off certain signs. They will have ½ or ¾ health while disguised, you cannot go pass them (you will walk through teammates), and they light up their team’s color while on fire. Turn behind often to see if a Spy is approaching It requires 2 rockets to kill a Spy. Spies hide behind corners, dark areas, and areas where people do not usually go to.

Other Tips
- Always hope for a critical rocket or shot. They do hell lot of damage.
- Shotgun saves lives. This side arm may help finish off your enemy.
- Do not stand still or get headshot.

This is all I have for now. Please mind my word choice, I know I repeated a lot of words; I took a lot of effort to write this. Thank you for reading this and enjoy playing Team Fortress 2. Contact me if you need further help. Now go frag some maggots, Soldier!

~ RoverJack

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