Senior Admins

The senior admins are the head honchos of [HK], the end all of end all, our masters, our teachers, our babysitters.

Most of the Senior Admins were good friends from their RTCW days; Tuck, Revenoux, Kick My Butt, and SpikerNoob

Tuck requested for these individuals to be the first Senior Admins to assist with [HK] and all of its glory, because he knew and trusted them with the task at hand. After a short time, [[| Ki||m3]] was added to the elusive Senior Admin list for his dedication to [HK].

From there, members of the Senior Admins are decided upon with a vote within the Senior Admins the potential candidates are decided by their time in [HK], how active they are within [HK]'s community, how dedicated they are to [HK], etc.

Unlike [HK]'s Council, there is no real limit to the number of Senior Admins, but it is a very elusive group of the top members in [HK].

The Seniors are always willing to help in anyway they can, especially Banning. The members of the Seniors are the single most powerful individuals in all of [HK], if a problem arises that is unable to be taken are of within the admins, the Senior Admins will make sure everything is resolved.

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