Our servers

Server IP info and rotations correct as of 6/7/2010.

Newbies Only #1 | Vanilla

Newbies Only #2 Top Maps | CTF-CP | Vanilla

Newbies Only #3 24/7 PL|Dustbowl|Dago's Home Vanilla

Newbies Only #4 No Crit Arena

Newbies Only #5 Advanced Play | No Crit | CP Maps Donated by Cheshire Delusion!

Newbies Only #6 Ammomod

Newbies Only #7 24/7 Dodgeball

Newbies Only #8 24/7 Crappy Maps

Newbies Only Left4Dead 2 #1

Respawn times are default. This is not going to change.
Private server is not listed.

All info subject to change without notice.

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