Spiky's Pyro Guide

This is copied directly from Spiky's post on hkcentral.net.

Sure, mock my class, what did I do to you, except…oh yeah.

Me and Pyroclastic held a live demo a while ago, although I'm too lazy to post direct download links.

Now it is time for the main event, the Spiky guide 8D

Thou shall not hate thy fire axe
This is one of the most underestimated weapons ever, before the update this was my way to kill soldiers/heavies anything with an exposed back, a few axe hits and when they notice they're roasted.
Not full proof but it worked well.
Oh oh! I got another one! Making the prat talking smack shut up. :D

The flame lag is excellently noted as a lot of people forget it. I don't even use my cross hair I'm so used to the lag.
Manipulating flames is a double edged sword, done right people start suggesting you snipe with your flamethower XD
Done wrong you die.

Flamethower matchups assume it's going to work.
The sad fact is I never got crits and even before the -50HP nerf I had switched to the airblast. As it was too unreliable, you HAVE to aim directly at the spine, of course some people get it working but they're obviously using magick.
The airblast has too be reflected at about flames length, a lot sooner than you would think.

I'm not going into the flare gun, except I think it's just about useless if you're playing Pyro right.
Your Shotgun is a gift from God, use it, love it, cherish it, name it.
Not that i named mine or anything…

Axing questions.
Although i run around with the fire axe for the lulz factor, the Axetinguisher is not going to get a huge amount of use as the flamethower will be doing more DPS, although my current way of getting Axetinguisher kills. Is to flame them for a while, when they notice airblast, switch to Axetinguisher and hack away at their kneecaps. Of course the 25 does seem a little wasted and I assume they won't be doing anything in midair (Which most don't) but head on confrontations this generally works well.

Know thy enemy
Scouts are evil, we all know to burn evil, like witches and if they run away shotgun.

Soldiers have a reliance on their rockets to scare you off, once they have emptied a clip rush up and flame them, he'll probably switch to shotgun but he'll most likely die. Sneaking behind most works, but some Soldiers have a annoying twitch that shoots rockets out their ass. [smilie=dry.gif]

Pyro's are hardly frustrating, if he's your general LEFT CLICK AND W Pyro shotgun him to death will be rather easy. The sneaky Pyro will be trying to get behind you, it boils down to who keeps whom in the crossfire the most and the best ping.

Demomen is the class, when you get close you'll generally win, unless he has crit bottle hax.
Reflecting normal grenades and blowing away stickies works, if you think he's set up a trap, retreat.

Entirely dissagree on Heavy. If he has a medic dont chase after him, just don't, (unless your me and a daft sod) you will be torn to bits before you get in range. If you can kill the medic without burning the heavy you have a chance to kill him too, just circlestrafe him. (Run around him with blazing your flamethower)

Engineer ony has a shotgun one on one you will win, unless he's a critting… =X
Be wary if they're leading you to a trap, I myself play this on 2FORT when I'm bored, nothing like abit of Pyro fishing.

Sentry, it get's it's own segment because i say so.
if it's in a corner; circlestaft, even lvl 3 can be killed with this and most engies run away scared. If you're ubered it's easy, flamethower or Hadouken. *Yes I am srs*

Medic's will yell at their buddy or needle you if they are any good, just don't burn the the guy they're healing and you're safe. A bad one stands still or tries to Ubersaw you. Retreating vampire needles should be ran from, you simly won't win, he's faster and your HP is being drained while his is being refilled, leave them to burn.

Snipers are meh. Good ones kill everything, even you, bad ones let you run up and Hadouken/Axe 'em to death but be wary of his Kukri I have never been hit by a normal one. I hear flare gunning helps though…

Spy what? Just spycheck hope not to get facestabbed or crit revolvered.

Watch the video's and keep running into my Hadoukens! :D

…I can't spell Hadouken and I'm can't be arsed to check wiki.

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