I Am Still Giant.

This is copied directly from Thunda's post on hkcentral.net

It's time once again for Thunda's guide to being a better heavy.

Note: I'm trying to update this to include tips against various enemys and my thoughts on the various weapons.

Let us have a brief reminder from the old board.
1. Honor thy medic.

Perhaps the most important rule of the heavy, protect the medic if at all possible. It's very simple, the longer the medic is alive the longer they keep you alive and as such the longer you can continue to bring doom and ruination to the other team.

2. Know your range.

Due to your slow speed and relativly short weapon range many classes can kill you without having to be near you. Demomen, soldiers, and snipers. If at all possible try to engage them before they have targeted you, as the minigun can kill much faster than thier weapons can at short range and the blast radius of the explosions makes pipe bombs and rockets risky in close quarters.

It's best to avoid snipers at range if at all possible. If you cant then just fire at them with the shotgun, if your lucky it will disrupt their aim or cause them to run for health because they are cowards.

3. Be ever vigilant.

Again due to slow speed, both moving and turning, many classes can kill you from behind before you notice. Pyros, spys, and even scouts can take you down if they get behind you, they are also fast enough killers to take out your medic before you can react if you have the time. Look behind you every so often and check for them, because while they can kill you from behind, the have to charge in close and if you spot them before they get into the kill zone, then they will just be charging into a firing mini gun.

4. Sometimes, it's best not to charge.

Now I know I said to pay attention to your effective range, and you should. But there is one area many people neglect as a heavy, area fire. If you emerge into combat and your team is fighting against the other in a large group, but you are not close enough to score a definite kill with the mini gun, fire anyway. The spread of the mini gun is such that you will do at least a small amount of damage to anyone in front of you ,which will add up with the damage being done by the rest of your team.

5. Do not stop moving forward.

IF you play a heavy, and you have a medic, then once the game starts you should not stop moving forward unless it is absolutely necessary. By moving forward and killing the baby team, you will be able to keep your ammo up by collecting their tiny little baby guns. Many classes, demo men and scouts mostly, like to try and zigzag and jump around while firing at you. IF you just keep moving forward while firing you'll be able to draw a better bead on them and make it obvious to them that THIS IS NOT HALO. Yes you may very well die, but it's not like you only have one life in this game.

Proper uber timing.

Most classes that are ubered need to be ubered before running into combat to insure that they are not killed before the medic can activate charge. The heavy however has enough health that he can survive a few seconds of massive enemy fire before dieing. That means you can jump into the middle of a crowd and THEN be ubered as opposed to being ubered so that you can then charge said crowd.

various tricks.
The spin jump

Most everybody knows about this one, jump around a corner while spinning the mini gun up in order to not lose speed around the corner. While this is a valid tactic it requires caution. You could very well just be jumping into certain death, so think before you leap.

In soviet Russia, Cart pushes you.

If at all possible, stand in front of the cart during payload maps. The cart heals and gives ammo, however it will also push you along in front of it at a speed greater than you yourself can walk. This requires a lots of attention and luck to pull off, as it makes you a very big target for pretty much anyone on the other team.

New stuff?!

Class by Class Tactics

The scout is a mix bag. While easily able to out run you, he is very much outgunned and has far less health. Scouts will most often to try to run around you or jump around in order to throw off your aim.
The best tactic is to just aim slightly in front of them, most of them will flee if you managed to get a few good shots in. Some scouts think it's funny to run up and melee a heavy. Grind them into the dust for behind dumb.

You want to kill them as quickly as possible, the longer you fight them the more you have to worry about them getting that random "everything dies now" crit. As close range use the minigun and hope they die first, medium or farther range and you want to stick to the shotgun, it's lower spread will usually inflict damage more quickly. Rocket jumping solider can be annoying, but just be on the look out for them and they become easy targets, know the areas most solider rocket jump to and wait somewhere with a clear line of sight.

If your going into a fight with a demo and he sees you, then you want to use the shotgun, you need the added speed in order to dodge around and throw off his lobbing aim. Stickies need to be blasted away, or if you have a medic you can jump them and sometimes ride the shockwave. to gain some ground.

Always minigun, always. They have to charge you to get in range with the flame thrower, just minigun them as they charge. Even with a medic they will die unless ubered as the closer they get the damage from the minigun will be more than the medic can heal.
Make them a priority if the seem to be coming for you, as with the updates a close range pyro is just a crit machine.

Along with sniper, the spy will be the ban of your existence. Trust in your medic to warn you, but be sure to spy check a few people every now and then. When a cloaked spy takes damage, he becomes somewhat visible, in the more hectic moments of battle be on the look out for spys getting hit by stray shots.

Do not try to fight sniper unless you are in close range or he isnt looking at you. The chance of getting a lucky crit stream and killing him at range are very low.


An actaul engie is not much of a threat, but his sentry is, just play it smart. Sentries have very small blind spots, if you can get into them then you can take them down no problem. If you have to uber to take one down then make sure you run right on top of it, even if an engie is humping it while you shot he wont be able to keep up with your damage for very long.

Medics are pretty much easy targets so long as you can get a clear shot at them, they tend to be behind other people. Try not to let them escape, as the more medics the other team has active, the hard they are to kill.


Honestly it comes down to who hits first. Though sometimes, often if medics are involved, it 's just about who crits first.


Sasha, the default minigun is really the only weapon you should be using, except for a few situations. Out to about medium range is the effective solo kill range. At longer ranges you cant expect to get full kills, however the spread can be useful for hitting multiple people and scattering them or helping team mates take them down.

I really wish this gun was better, because it's sound effects are pure liquid sex. But the fact is that it's not good for anything other that CTF matchs, if even that. The slowdown effect just isnt enough to make up for the damage loss, as slowing people down doesnt help you defend the point, hold choke points, or take down a sentry.

shotgun (borris)
A good back up weapon. It's main uses are for retreating, or for taking pot shots at enemys that have made it past the front line.

Sweet and delcious and very handy in arena. However the fact that you are immobile makes it somewhat less useful in most situations, running and hiding is not what your supposed to be doing.


Good in a pinch, can be useful for taking out spys that have failed a fase stab or just for gun. The taunt kill is insta death and has a deceptive range.

The Gloves
A very nifty weapon indeed. If you can land that first crit punch then, these gloves can make short work of even large groups of enemies. Key word is if.

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