Gentlemen aka The Spy guide.

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The Spy guide



Scout - Movement looks slower than a normally scout, however you might be able to fool people if that scout has the bonk juice.
soldier - You move really slow, but it can be convincing
Pyro- Obvious spy disguise, however it can have its uses.
Demoman - common disguises
Heavy - very slow , very big give away
Engineer - Works occasionally if you need to infiltrate a sentry spot
Medic - It has an obvious draw back, you either have 0 or 100000000% ubercharge
Sniper - Lets have a go at it. if you're going to be coming in from the back of the fight why not.
spy - Currently buggy, you can appear to have an uber without a medic.

Know thine enemy

Spy vs Scout: These pesky little buggers will spy check a lot more than you think and are potentially your second greatest threat. Don't rely on your knife to save you, instead use the revolver to deal a quick accurate death.

Spy vs Soldier: Not really a big threat, they are the 2nd slowest class and as such are easily backstabed.

Spy vs Pyro: AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE. only if you're feeling like becoming toast should you confront these.

Spy vs Heavy: What do you really want to know, turn this over sized turkey into your next meal

Spy vs Demoman: On average these pose minor threats, however they just suck at spy checks.

Spy vs Engineer: This guy should build a not dying machine. Sap and annoy him and when possible stab him, or just shoot him

Spy vs Medic: Your best friend and mortal enemy all at once. Good medics will spy check making it hard to get a heal when needed.

Spy vs Sniper: With the addition of the razorback they are slightly more annoying however 2 quick shots to the head will fix that. If they aren't wearing a razorback, Stab away.

Spy vs Spy: Your 3rd worst nemesis, spies can't spot other spies while cloaked any more. However, they can determine if you are a spy just by looking - if they are disguised, and looking at an opposing disguised spy, no info box will pop up.


When to cut in and when to shoot

Heavy & Medic: This should be no contest the easiest and hardest stab combo to get. Try at all cost to get the medic first, then heavy. The only reason to get the heavy first is if the medic has just deployed a Kritz.

Demoman & Medic: See Above

Soldier & Medic: See Above

Pyro & Medic: For your own safety, Should you have the balls to attempt this, STAB THE PYRO first, Then revolver the angry medic.


The Intermediate Spy:

Know your maps. This should go without saying that a good spy should have the maps and layouts down tight. It makes for good ambushing and easier retreat.

Types of stabs:

Traditional backstab: approach the enemy from behind and stab.

Death from Above: Come in from an area above your enemy, about 75% of the way down stab.

Head Stabs: Tired of the campy heavy just crouching and firing ? Jump on his head, crouch, then stab. (Works for all classes not just heavies)

Foot Stabs: Oh no someone is on top of me. Simply look up, and aim the knife at the foot of that player and stab.

Turn Stab: while approaching an enemy swiftly rotate 180% as they pass and stab.

Side Stab: while standing next to your target place the cursor roughly halfway up the model (think kidney region) and stab.

Advanced spy:

Chain Stab: Uses all of the above stabs in sequence killing multiple enemies.

Stair Stab: Like death from above this one is done with an enemy chasing you up an elevated platform.

To Sap or Stab that is the question:

Stab and Sap: If the engineer is humping their gun, get behind them, stab then quickly switch to sapper and place on the building.

Sap and Stab: whats this the engineer is getting metal to build. now is the perfect time to sap and stab. Sap on his way to get metal then should he come back stab him.



Pro's / Con's of watch and weapon selection

Dead Ringer: Pro: 180% damage reduction when triggered, 180% cloak regeneration rate. Con: Lack of a standard cloak and drain of all cloak no matter how much you actually used. Massive give away sound.

Cloak & Dagger: Pro's: You can stay cloaked up to 60 seconds if crouched and walking. Cons: Slow movement speed often takes you out of the action when needed. No Cloak recharge by picking up metal.

Invisibility Watch: Pro's: Cloak regenerates on Ammo Pickup, meaning near endless cloak depending on the map. Con's: You tend to play more aggressively with this watch leading to an increase of Pyro's rather fast.

Ambassador: 102 dmg a head shot, 34 per body shot

Revolver: 120 dmg a crit, 40 base dmg

The Radio commands and you:

When to use and abuse.

If you get caught in a hairy situation sometimes using the radio commands can help you out.

Ex: Someone calls spy, your initial reaction is to say No, which is a dead give away. Instead try saying yes. It can by you a few precious seconds to escape.

Voice communication:

If all else fails call in your team for reinforcement. 'v' is the single most important key you have.

Taking enemy teleporters:

Not often the best idea as you have an opposite color trail when you teleport, however it can be good for interrupting uber building.

Teleporters can also be used for taking care of sentries in odd spots (gravelpit roof, or dustbowl 3.1 red shortcut)

Humiliation Round:
Your team just lost and is getting slaughtered. Well except you cause your a smart spy and ran to the opposing spawn ahead of time right ? >_>

Minor edit and Thanks to Kaebora for pointing out some changes.


Spy disguise kit -

Side Stab -

Foot Stab -

Head Stab -

Aerial Stab -

Stair Stab -


2 training maps from the ESG. Defiantly worth trying out if you want to practice some more.

tr_aim -
tr_overstab -

explanation of the maps can be found below. … f=2&t=2117

tr_walkway -

the map is a series of bots floodding through a ramp and a walkway good for any and all classes to use. Check the readme for configuration settings for the map.

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